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What is up people of wow! - So so many guilds try and sell how awesome they are because they don't give a F*** and how they just chill and do nothing but touch themselves and each other. Well, we are better. We do all of that and more. FTS is a guild made by the left outs for the left outs. A group of guys who got over being better than core raiders and RBG'ers but weren't involved or invited because they joined to later or they aren't geared enough and all that shit blah blah blah.


About - So basically we started out getting signatures of level 1s because lets face it noone wants to give up their precious summon and mass rez right OMG I KNOW. Fuck that. 3 guys who wanted to have fun but still get shit done (Yea it happened, that rhymes) made a guild entirely designed for that, chilled out not snobs and douche bags but of course we got bitches, damn straight rollen in bitches. However still we have implemented a level of commitment. At level 9 in a short few weeks the work put into the guild by all is amazing. At this point we have downed 8/8 DS however still building our core raid group to have it at its best. We gladly gear any and all people who need it.

Pvp or Pve - We aim our focus at neither nor either. We do run RBGs. We have brought over a few oldschool glads and some newschool insaners try give it some sort of intensity in it so were not all laughing at how we lose everything. Pve is a general occurance. LFR support to help roll for gearing up and DS10 each week with a level of "priority comes first" so that everyone is on the same level not having 2 people towering over the rest because they are getting lucky rolls.
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